What’s Employee Monitoring Software and How Can It Help Your Business?

What’s Employee Monitoring Software and How Can It Help Your Business?

Since more and more business processes are being performed digitally, an increasing number of managers and business owners are looking for ways in which they can oversee these processes. Lately, a popular trend has been to use a tool known as employee monitoring software for precisely this purpose.

You might have heard about this technology before, but if you haven’t used it yourself, it might be hard to comprehend what benefits it can bring to your company and, consequently, why it’s grown so much in popularity over the recent years.

In this text, we’ll be discussing what exactly employee monitoring software is and how it works, as well as what benefits this system can bring to your business. After you’ve learned more, maybe you’ll even discover that implementing computer monitoring software could be a viable option for your company as well.

What Is Employees Monitoring Software Exactly?

Employee monitoring system is a business program that you install on every corporate computer you wish to track. Then, it automatically collects certain kinds of data from those computers, which you can access through a manager dashboard. The implementation is a very simple download-and-install process, and you can keep all the data on a secure cloud, or, if you wish, on the servers on your own premises.

Employee monitoring software is pretty intuitive to use – it’s not made exclusively for those who are fluent in technology. You get graphs, timelines, statistics and other types of reports which reflect your employees’ performance at work.

So, what kind of data does this software collect?

The basic functionality is tracking which apps your workers are usings and which websites they’re visiting, and for how long. This gives you greater control over how your company’s time and resources are used. But there are almost necessarily other features that build up on this, so let’s mention a few of those too.

Some platforms give you the functionality of time tracker software – you can measure time on different tasks, project duration, keep track of the budget and billable hours, and so on. This work time track feature is very useful if you want more in-depth analysis on your work on various projects or if you want to provide proof of work for your clients.

Next, we have some advanced features of screen monitoring software, most notable of which are screenshots and keystroke logger. While the first one can be triggered manually or automatically, the second one is a bit more intrusive in terms of taking employees’ privacy into account.

And finally, we’ll just mention productivity features, since they’re arguably one of the most useful functionalities of this software if performance improvement is what you’re looking for. These include active versus idle time, productivity reports and trends, daily timelines and biorhythms, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software?

There are many ways in which this system can help your company move forward, grow and be more efficient. It all depends on what kind of business problems you wish to solve with it. Here, we’ll mention three broad categories of benefits that this software can provide.

The first one is increased control over your employees’ digital activities. Just the fact that you can see what each of them is doing in real time and as historical data records can give you some sort of security that the time they spend working is really spent on the activities that provide value for your business. This software can also track attendance, which is one more thing that you can have more control over.

Secondly, screenshots and other monitoring features can be used as an additional layer of data security. Even though it won’t be able to prevent a breach, it’s quite effective in discouraging malicious behavior, and can also be used as a tool during the investigation process.

And finally, there are possible productivity improvements resulting from the analysis of employees’ performance with all the productivity stats and features we’ve mentioned earlier. Basically, if you know how to use these insights correctly, you’ll get to enjoy more efficient and less distracted teams.


All in all, as we’ve seen, employee monitoring software can be a pretty useful tool in many aspects. Improving your employees’ performance, increasing asset control and protecting your data are just some of the reasons why this system is so popular today and might be worth considering.

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