8 Ways You Can Supercharge Your Current Degree with Certifications

8 Ways You Can Supercharge Your Current Degree with Certifications

Many people are familiar with the idea of getting a second degree or higher to improve their career prospects. However, you can also get certifications to boost your qualifications and salary potential in many occupations. Certifications are available in a wide range of fields, so finding a relevant one for your current job shouldn’t be difficult. Below are eight ways to supercharge your current degree by pursuing certifications.

Improve Your Marketability

Certifications can improve your marketability by proving that you have the skills and knowledge required for a certain job. They also show that you are willing to invest in yourself and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

In addition, having certifications will allow you to be more competitive in the job market. People with certifications but no degree are often seen as dedicated and ambitious, making them much more desirable than people without any certification or Education. As a result, getting certified may help you find your next job faster because employers want employees with these skills.

Boost Your Salary

Certifications can also help you earn a higher salary, regardless of whether or not you want to change jobs. Many people pursue certifications simply because they want more money for their current job. Having a certification will make it easier to ask for a raise and/or promotion if you work in the same position. Even if your employer doesn’t give you a raise or promotion, they may still be more likely to consider giving you one in the future when you bring up that you are pursuing certification in their field.

In addition, many jobs that require certifications come with a higher salary than those that don’t. For example, medical assistants who have certification earn an average of $13 more per hour than those without certification. So, if you are looking to make more money in your current job, getting certified is a great way to do it.

Help You Get Promoted

Certifications can also help you advance in your current job. Many jobs require certifications to move up within the company, so getting certified could allow you to take on higher-level roles and responsibilities with less supervision. For example, people pursuing a PMP certification will have access to exclusive training and resources that can help them become better project managers. This could lead to a promotion and pay raise if you currently work as a project manager.

In addition, having certifications shows that you are willing to invest in yourself and improve your skills. Employers love employees who are proactive and constantly learning new things, so getting certified could make you more desirable in the eyes of your employer.

Learn New Skills

Certifications can also help you learn new skills that you may not have learned in school. For example, if you are pursuing a certification in web development, you will learn how to create websites from scratch. This is a skill that most employers are looking for, so having this certification could make you much more desirable in the job market.

In addition, some certifications allow you to learn how to use certain software programs that are currently relevant in the marketplace. For example, if your school doesn’t offer a certification program for Google Analytics, taking an online course could be an excellent way for you to gain this valuable knowledge and skill on your own time.

Expand Your Knowledge

Certifications can also allow you to understand the industry as a whole better. This will not only help with job prospects but could also improve your current career path. For example, if you are working in marketing and decide that public relations are more interesting than what you’re doing now, getting certified in PR could help you get a job in this field.

In addition, having certifications will give you more opportunities to explore different career paths. For example, if your only goal is to work on the web but try something new, getting certified in website design could lead to other careers involving graphic design and marketing. This knowledge can be helpful no matter what career path you ultimately choose.

Improve Your Resume

Certifications can also make you a more competitive candidate for jobs that require certifications. Even if the job doesn’t specifically state that certification is required, adding it to your resume will show potential employers how dedicated and interested you are in this field—in addition, getting certified shows that you have the initiative to take control of your professional development, which is a quality that employers value.

In addition, having certifications can make you a more well-rounded employee. For example, suppose you are pursuing a web development certification and have experience in graphic design. In that case, this could make you a desirable candidate for jobs that require both skills. This is because it shows that you can do one thing well and have a diverse set of skills that can help your company.

TEFL Certification

There are several certifications you can choose from when it comes to studying ESL, ESOL, TESOL, and TEFL. Choosing the right certifications to further your degree will help boost your resume to achieve the right career path for your life.

One certification that can be extremely beneficial for your career is a TEFL. Teaching English as a Foreign Language is an excellent way to gain international work experience, and many employers are looking for employees who have this certification. In addition, teaching English allows you to learn about different cultures and travel to new places.

If you are currently working as a teacher, getting certified will give you more opportunities to advance. For example, if you decide to get your Master’s degree in Education and want to teach at the university level, having this certification on your resume would show that you have experience teaching students of various ages and abilities.

In addition, TEFL certifications are extremely affordable and can be completed online in as little as four weeks. So, if you are interested in teaching English abroad, this is the perfect certification for you.

Get A Job In A Related Field

Finally, getting certified can help you get a job in a related field. For example, if you are an accountant but want to move into the banking industry, pursuing a certification in finance could help you make this transition. This is because most employers prefer candidates who have some certification in the field they are currently working in.

In addition, some employers will accept certifications from other companies as long as the certification is relevant to what you’re doing now. In this scenario, getting certified could be a great way for you to gain more job opportunities with your current employer or even get a promotion if necessary for the position you are applying for.

In conclusion, getting certified can be a great way to improve your skills, gain new knowledge, and advance your career. Whether you are working in the same field or looking to transition into a new one, pursuing certification is an excellent way to make this happen.

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