Brilliant tips to have an eco-friendly move!!!

Brilliant tips to have an eco-friendly move!!!

When moving, people think about doing a lot of tasks but while doing all these moving-related tasks, they should not forget about the practices that make a move green. So, you should start your moving before time which helps you to have enough time to make the move more sustainable else a lot of waste after moving makes it harmful for the environment. Only having a proper plan, using the best moving checklists (click here to download one) and strategy could help you to move without harming our environment. If you are looking for a few ideas to make the move more eco-friendly then check out these brilliant tips. 

8 Tips to Make Your Move More Eco-Friendly – Emma Reed

Try to reduce the volume of moving items 

Try to purge out items as much as possible by donating, gifting, or selling. Do you know some things which are just a waste for you could be very useful for someone else? So, you should try to get rid of items not just to earn money but also to make your move shorter and eco-friendly. This also makes your move more convenient, easier and efficient. The less will be the volume of the items, the less the amount you have to pay to the movers. It is 

just a win-win situation for you. Nothing could be a better tip and idea than this. 

Go innovative with packing and reduce the use of newspaper 

You should go creative to pack the items efficiently. Use clothes such as towels, bedsheets, and other clothing items to pack and wrap items. This does not only help you in reducing the use of the paper during a move but also you don’t need to pack the clothing items which you have used for packing. This also helps you to transport fragile items with ease. You can also use the soft fabrics for padding.  

Get reusable moving boxes 

It is almost impossible to move without boxes. These are the necessary elements but they create a lot of waste afterward. So, it is important to find out an alternate way to pack the items so that no waste remains afterward. Getting reusable moving boxes on rent is a good option to reduce wastage and to have a green move. Just look up at the resources available in your town or city and get the reusable boxes on rent which also helps you to save the cost that you will spend on buying these. If you don’t get these on rent then you can find out the ways to recycle boxes after transportation of items.  

Dispose of chemicals in an eco-friendly manner 

There are certain items such as cleaning agents and other chemicals which are present in everyone’s home and it is not safe to transport them. Therefore it is important to dispose these items before you are set for transport. Use the procedure written over the bottles to get rid of these chemicals. You can also take the help of the internet.   

Use the containers present at your home 

You can use the containers like suitcases, boxes that are already present at your home for packing which reduces the cost of buying packing materials. Some of the containers that people generally have at homes are plastic bins, suitcases, bags, dresser drawers, and so on. You can also use clothing items like socks to pack the kitchen grocery items and other clothing items to pack other items. This helps you to reduce the wastage of boxes that remains after the completion of a move. 

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Choose reputable movers 

It is important to look for movers who use sustainable practices. Usually, reputable movers use the trucks on biodiesel instead of traditional gas. You should search online about reputable companies to know more and more about the company and about the practices that a company uses.

Buy paper tape instead of plastic tape 

A tape is an essential element to get the things together and to pack the items so that they can be transported to their location with ease. But it is recommended you buy paper tape instead of using plastic tape. Try to use biodegradable items during a move so that your move does not affect the environment.

Use a sustainable moving vehicle 

These days, almost all moving companies are using sustainable initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. Speed limits have been decided to get the maximum fuel efficiency. And if it is a DIY move then it is recommended you rent a vehicle with good fuel efficiency. This does not only make the move sustainable but also it helps in saving a few bucks of yours. 

Bottom line

It is your responsibility to save your earth so you should use sustainable practices during a summer move so that it does not affect our environment in any way. Use all the above tips which help you to have an efficient move. 

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