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What are Google Dorks?

Google Dorks is a word search created specifically by cyberpunks to retrieve sensitive information that normal users cannot easily find using the search box. it’s called Google Dorking or Google Hacking

Google search box can be controlled in the same way as the command line or interpreter, when you do a text search for the best keywords, keywords, and the driver is of particular importance only to Google

Especially Google Dorking describes the use of the search string, uses innovative search operators to find information that can not be found quickly on the Internet, such details can be text, images, sensitive information, e-mail address, password, and most often the information disclosed on the Internet.

Hacking Google presentation by cybersecurity expert Johnny Long

At 2545, try to start collecting queries that can be found and discover a weak web server on the Internet. These queries may include the location of the server, which does not use protection, and leave sensitive information such as your email address and bank card number, which are available at unspecified later he answers these questions and sends these questions to the site, which has become a Google Hacking first 2547 database

Usually, when you type a search phrase into the search bar in Google, it directly displays results according to the data, everything can be discovered from the search phrases that these results usually cover a large area, and there is no customization, which makes Google an engine placed in the beginning

People can use self-driving devices to help them find results that match their queries in a short amount of time.

In turn, hackers can also take advantage of these operators to pick up documents with passwords, contacts, emails, files, notes, and more.

Are Google Dorks illegal?

No google dorks are absolutely not illegal but its bad  use is illegal and Cybersecurity can take
actions against you

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Commands and Operators
Filter Description Example
allintext Searches for occurrences of all the keywords given. allintext:”keyword”
intext Searches for the occurrences of keywords all at once or one at a time. intext:”keyword”
inurl Searches for a URL matching one of the keywords. inurl:”keyword”
allinurl Searches for a URL matching all the keywords in the query. allinurl:”keyword”
intitle Searches for occurrences of keywords in title all or one. intitle:”keyword”
allintitle Searches for occurrences of keywords all at a time. allintitle:”keyword”
site Specifically searches that particular site and lists all the results for that site. site:”
filetype Searches for a particular filetype mentioned in the query. filetype:”pdf”
link Searches for external links to pages. link:”keyword”
numrange Used to locate specific numbers in your searches. numrange:321-325
before/after Used to search within a particular date range. filetype:pdf & (before:2000-01-01 after:2001-01-01)
allinanchor (and also inanchor) This shows sites which have the keyterms in links pointing to them, in order of the most links. inanchor:rat
allinpostauthor (and also inpostauthor) Exclusive to blog search, this one picks out blog posts that are written by specific individuals. allinpostauthor:”keyword”
related List web pages that are “similar” to a specified web page.
cache Shows the version of the web page that Google has in its cache.

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