Military Moves and How the Best Movers Can Help

Military Moves and How the Best Movers Can Help

Families of Military personnel are always too prone to moving out to a different city at any given time. As their job demands them to shift often, they have to stay mentally prepared for it.

The best long distance movers state that relocating to a different city is not new for military personnel and they are familiar with the hardships that come with it, but these hardships are nothing when compared to the satisfaction a military family has knowing that a family member is always serving their nation.

Here are some simple relocation tips for military families for ease in the process.

Research – 

It is always better to do deep research for planning out your move, especially when you are relocating for the first time. Your research should be mostly around which service provider company to choose for your next move. Choosing the best provider as per your requirements is very important without thinking of any budget restraints as the amount spent on relocation would be borne by the government and reimbursed as soon you submit the required paperwork. You should already know that the service provider has to be chosen from the military listings only if you want the subsidy or reimbursement on your side.

Suggestions – 

Asking your seniors and colleagues out for some help can be a good option. You can always learn from the mistakes from which they might have suffered. They can help you plan things properly and to choose the best options from what is available to you. They can share some information about all the allowances that will be offered to you as entitlements.

Documents and Paperwork – 

Although doing a highly respectable and recognized job still you need to accumulate all of your family’s documents and proofs in one place. Keeping all documents in one place so that whenever you require to show them, then you would already have them handy around. If moving in a military vehicle then having the permits handy becomes really necessary to avoid any wastage of time. If you are raising kids along then a Transfer Certificate from their previous school would also be required in the new city for fresh admission.

Plan for Pets – 

If you are raising a pet and also taking them along with you in the city then making the special arrangements required for them is purely your responsibility. Pets are not a part of entitlements and allowances. Keeping the comfort and smooth move of your pet should be considered by you beforehand. Even if entitled to a pet allowance then also there might be a limit on transporting more than 2 cats or 2 dogs.

Declutter your belongings – 

Although every military personnel is allocated a home with all basic amenities which results in lesser personal belongings. However, minimizing those extra belongings is also necessary to reduce the liabilities. Selling out things that are difficult to move or are not used by you anymore should be sold off. You can also consider donating things that can still be used by someone who cannot afford them, it is always better than selling and would give a sense of satisfaction. 

Emotional Preparation – 

Living in the same house for a long time makes people emotionally attached to it. We often for a sense of personal belonging towards and which makes it difficult to leave it. Along with the house we also tend to form a social life around the area with our neighbors and friends and moving to a new city physically detaches your relation with them. Also, small children find it very difficult to leave their friends behind and often face mental health issues. It is always suggested to start preparing you and your kids mentally for the upcoming move so to make the process easier to handle. Military personnel are mentally aware and strong and can help their family handle the stress of leaving a city. Start counseling the kid’s way before you move so that they are prepared enough and can handle the pressure that might come along.

Storage Need – 

The house provided by the military might be having less space than you might be expecting it to have. Lesser space means you would have to ditch a lot of extra things that you were owing in the previous one. To overcome this space issue you might need to rent a storage compartment nearest to your new domicile where you can easily store the extra things that are not fitting in the new house. Also, renting a storage compartment for the short term would help you arrange your new house in a better way as it would reduce the hurry that might be burdening your mind. 

Military moves can be intimidating but with the right help they can be made easier and efficient. All you need to do is find a credible moving company and discuss your moving requirements in detail. Concluding on our part, we would like to wish you the best of luck with the upcoming move. Following these few tips might help you and would surely make the process easier.

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