US Cities Which Are Known For Their Low Cost of Living

US Cities Which Are Known For Their Low Cost of Living
The United States of America is a fascination for all the people. The facilities, its environment,
everything is so perfect. In some cities in the USA, a $100,000-a-year salary is enough to be
considered among the rich lot whereas in some of the places even half of this amount is cool
and provides you with a great number of choices to stay. As per the long distance moving
reviews, some of the cities those appear very hi-fi are in fact very light on the pocket. However,
if you are staying in San Francisco, New York, or other such hot favorite cities then you might
need to struggle as they are super expensive.
Even if you are making a six-figure income then also you might be unable to meet your needs.
With this one can be tempted to move to other places where the cost of living is significantly
lowered than this one. For sure the life there won’t be that happening but you would save a lot
of bucks. While looking for a city you cannot keep the expense factor the only consideration but
yes you also need to see that the place provides a decent living.
A lot of people get stuck while thinking about which place to go ad settle so attached here is a
list of popular U.S. cities which are ranked based on their affordability. It’s good to make a
move but you simply cannot shift just because the place is cheap to live in. You have to look at
the 75 places and understand that which one provides you with facilities you look for and which
one is near to your work location and such other factors.
Details of cities with low cost of living
What we mean by cost of living of a place over here is that it includes the rent of a one-
bedroom apartment, utility expenses that is electricity, water bill etc, internet connection,
gasoline, and food expenses that is groceries for the month and occasionally visiting a café or a
restaurant. In these expenses, the healthcare factors that are insurance policies or visit a
doctor, taxes, cost of using public transportation or the school fees are not included. You must
also make a separate expense account for your hobbies and more.

These are just generic figures. However, if you opt for public transportation every day leaving
your vehicle usage or you have all the home-cooked meals despite ordering from restaurants
then you can certainly bring the expenses to a lower side.
So mentioned below are the top ten cities which have a low cost of living in comparison to
other major cities.
1.  El Paso, Texas: $1,182.96
2.  Lincoln, Nebraska: $1,219.50
3.  Toledo, Ohio: $1,322.93
4.  Wichita, Kansas: $1,433.37
5.  Louisville, Kentucky: $1441.22
6.  Tulsa, Oklahoma: $1,450.67
7.  Memphis, Tennessee: $1,476.18
8.  Lexington, Kentucky: $1,480.49
9.  Albuquerque, New Mexico: $1,500.26

  1. Mesa, Arizona: $1,501.29
    Planning to make a move? Here are certain factors which you must consider before making the
    Several people want to explore better career opportunities but then when they look for it they
    simply forget the factor, cost of living before they actually make a move. For example, San
    Francisco is a happening place that offers a number of lucrative opportunities for the people
    but the problem here is that the city is quite an expensive one in comparison to other places.
    Here the cost of living is too high. So if you get a salary hike of twenty to thirty per cent then
    the same hike would be there or even more than that in the living cost. So it is vital to check on
    this before you grab the opportunity.

However on the other side if you choose places such as El Paso, Lincoln, or some similar kind of
place from where you can move to your job location every day but then taking it on the other
side if you lose your job then will this city accommodate you with another job? Are there some
markets which could help you make some money? So, in that context also you need to think
before you make a move.
A job which pays you to hold as much as an expensive city is also good as it would still allow you
to save some money whereas if you look for a city where money is more you might end up
losing all your salary plus even you have to switch to the usage of your savings.
Not just this while you plan to move makes sure you check out about the options available
there. You might be single at present time but then you might get married and have kids, so
you should think from that perspective too before taking the job.
Thus to conclude don’t get attracted to the benefits offered by these gleam cities but instead
consider what negatives they have to offer. This will help you make an informed decision.
Moving to a new city is not an easy decision and the more you are prepared for it, the better
you will be enjoying the entire process.

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