Why do Startups Prefer React Native for Mobile App Development?

As an entrepreneur when you are building your startup, you have to think about
multiple factors that will affect the growth of your business such as creating an app,
understanding the concept, and so on.
So, are you assembling various technologies in the market to choose the best one
according to your needs? In the blog, we will discuss one such technology that will
help you to make the best of your app idea.
If you are targeting to reach the majority of people for your business success then
you should go for an app that offers a seamless experience on both Android and iOS
platforms. So, React Native app development services are one of those solutions
that is the best for mobile app development and will help you make an outstanding
app. The superior thing about using this framework is that it allows you to build your
desired app according to your specific business needs.
So, Let’s move forward to know more about this amazing framework!
What is React Native?

Developed by Facebook, React Native is a popular open-source Javascript framework
that is used to build native-like cross-platform applications. It works on the principle
of “code once and use anywhere”.
This framework has gained massive popularity due to its outstanding features and
the below stats are proof of that.

● According to the stack overflow developer survey, React Native has got
14,51% of respondents in the category of the most popular frameworks.

● According to Statista, 12.57% of software developers used React Native in

Why React Native Is Ideal For Startups?

1. Cost-effectiveness:-

Budget is one of those major factors that is a critical concern for almost every startup
out there. That’s why React Native is considered ideal because it is capable of
delivering faster development solutions and helps you to save a great amount on app
development solutions.

2. Flexible Development:-

React Native comes with flexible development support as whenever the developer
will make any kind of change in the programming then it will be applied everywhere
in the code.

3. Hot Reloading Feature:-

In simple words hot reloading feature allows you to make changes in the code
without reloading the entire app. Mobile app developers use it by injecting the
updated source code files into the running Data Virtual Machine and displaying the
code changes according to the new code without restarting the app.

4. Reusable Component:-


These components will help you to create more efficient code with less
effort during the development process.

5. Cross-platform App Development:-


React Native is the perfect solution for cross-platform app development because it
allows developers to build one app at a time and effectively shares 90% of the code
between different platforms.

6. Third-party Integration:-

Third-party plugins are small software programs that are added to your application
to enhance its functionality such as Google Maps. Being an open-source framework,
It supports the integration of those plugins and eliminates the time of developing
complex functionalities from the scratch.

7. Pre-built Components:-

React Native has pre-built components which are helpful in many aspects and
majorly accelerate the speed of development.

8. Community Support:-

As already mentioned above it is an open-source framework and so has large
community support of developers and React native app development companies
that are contributing towards its success. If developers will face any kind of issues
during the development process then they can through the community to get
answers to their queries.

9. Build a Cost-effective MVP:-

MVP stands for Minimum Value Product and is used to get the market response
which ensures whether your final product will witness that accomplishment or not. It
is developed according to the user’s and owner’s interests.
When it comes to choosing the right platform for creating an effective MVP then
React Native could be the best choice as an effective MVP app can be built by using

10. Fast Performance & Loading Time:-

As already mentioned above this framework uses a single codebase that decreases
bug possibilities and makes mobile app development faster.
Also, it is responsive due to asynchronous Javascript programming.

Leading Apps Built With React Native

Let’s have a look at some of the famous applications that are built by using this

● Facebook

● Walmart

● Bloomberg

● Wix

● UberEats

When To Use React Native?

● This framework will work well when you want to develop an application for
both Android and iOS respectively. Its ability to work on different platforms
shortens the development time and reduces the development cost as well.
● It will be the right choice for those projects which do not require complex
technologies and scalability.
● If you are looking to develop your application under a budget then you should
consider React Native because it uses a single codebase to target different
● If your business already has an Android and iOS app and you want to switch to
the latest technology then you can opt for React Native because this doesn't
require rewriting the entire code.
● If you have a strict deadline and can not afford any kind of delay in the work
and want to achieve the best possible outcomes in the least amount of time
then you create MVP with React Native to test it in real market conditions.

Cons Of React Native:-

If you are planning to build an application extremely demanding design-wise, then
you should make a comparison between cross-platform and native apps to decide
what will be the perfect choice for your business need. So let's have a look at some
of the cons of this framework that should also be considered and kept in mind before
opting for a React Native app development company.

Still lacking in Performance:-

React Native applications perform well when they are developed native approach.

However, if they are compared with the native applications then surely there is a
difference between them because native apps are created with a dedicated
codebase that provides an improved in-app experience and performance.

Not Suitable For Complex Projects:-

When your app has complex functionality then you might not consider React Native
for your project because it is not appropriate for complicated ones. On the other
hand, Native apps are considered the best fit for them because they are developed
for a single platform, so it is much easier to make changes according to that
particular platform.


React Native is a potential solution for mobile app development for those startups
who wants a superior app by not spending a lot of money.
Do you know why React Native stands out from the rest of the frameworks? Because
it uses Javascript as its source programming language which is already popular and
has a large and engaged community.
With the right leading mobile app development services providing company, you
can leverage all the benefits of this framework and get the desired output. If you are
still confused about which technology will perfectly suit your needs then you can get
in touch with an enterprise to get answers to all your queries.


1. What is the optimum reason for startups to choose React Native for
mobile app development?

It is indeed a great cross-platform framework that is used by a mobile app
development company because it offers code reusability for different
platforms and helps to develop mobile applications quickly. This framework
uses a single codebase that decreases the bug possibilities and makes the
development faster.

2. Is it possible to develop native applications using React Native?

Yes, native applications can be developed by using this framework with a
beautiful UI that provides a seamless user experience.

3. What is the main benefit of using a cross-platform solution over a native

With cross-platform development, developers can develop an application by
using the same codebase that will run on different platforms such as Android
and iOS respectively.
On the other hand native applications are created for a specific operating
system by using a platform-specific programming language.

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