Why iphone is better than Android and specification of iphone13 ?

Why iphone is better than Android and specification of iphone13 

Iphone is better than android for many reasons and also no doubt in some cases 

Android is also good in this article we will discuss about these reasons 

Mainly these 2 types of mobile are used first one is iphone and other is android 

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Security :-

Main thing that makes iphone unique that its security system that is really secure 

And protective nobody can get access to it .if we have family pictures and and 

Business details in iphone then we should relax because it’s really protective  

For unlock screen we have many options in iphone also in android

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Like some of them is given below 

  • Face lock 
  • Pin code 
  • Pattern 

But iphone not offer pattern in the phone that prefer pin  code and face lock etc

That is hard to recognize 

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Screen size :-

I really like the size of screen of iphone that is much easy to carry in usually hands 

And portable and also adjust in properly in hands that makes its perfect 

As compared to Android screens are really large we must have to use both our hands 

To handle it 

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And quality of screen colors of iphone is really good and sharp and color combinations 

As well in the androids

Size is perfect that is easy to hold and carry 

If we want to text to somebody we can easily do it with only 1 hand 

Graphics :-

We can see competition of many cell phone companies in market with good specification and better price 

Graphics of iphone is really good ,sharp and unique

Main thing that makes iphone unique its   graphics and theme 

That is really strange if we buy any model of iphone then in all the models 

In every single model theme will be same that prominent iphones 

Like maybe its iphone 5 or iphone 6 , 7 or even 12 

Protection of personal DATA :-

Every iphone have a specific apple ID that is created  by the user we can’t download anything in iphone without apple ID and in androids its google account

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With the Apple ID even if we remember our Apple ID we can login to another iphone and get all the data as it is. That is really cool and beneficial.

In case if we lost our phone or if our iphone is stolen we can login in another iphone 

And get all the personal information ,family data and business details back 

That is really good fact of iphone 

We can also do this in others android mobiles via google account 

Camera :-

Everyone knows that the camera of iphone is really good and really sharp result its doesn,t means camera of android is not so good 

Revolution of display is really good and quick capture 

We can take the pictures easily 

And system of iphone is really easy to use its really good

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Concept of Airpods :-

Concept of airpods is 1st given by the iphone . we can use this device without plugin any wire with the cell phone and it connects with the bluetooth 

Its is one of the best invention in the history of technology

After that many other companies built these devices like these 

Drawbacks  :

Everything in this universe have positive points and also negative points 

Iphone have no concept of bluetooth sharing 

We can’t share files   from iphone to other androids phones via bluetooth 

Because iphone cannot connect to cell phones which are other than to iphones 

And also many apps that iphones can’t support  only those apps which are 

In the app store of iphone can be downloaded 

Specifications of Iphone 13 :-

Iphone will be available for sale almost after 1 month and their is many consequences

About the specification of  iphone 13  and also nobody is sure about this 

We will come to know about this when its launched and will comes in market 

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