Why mascots are used as logos?

Why mascots are used as logos?

What are mascots?

Mascots are used to symbolize a specific organization, group, or event. A person or a thing is used as a mascot, supposed to bring blessing for that brand, organization, or team.

Mascots are widely used as symbolic figures to represent a particular organization or brand. The foremost intention of including a mascot in the company’s logos is to build and strengthen your brand identity with a visual associated with your brand. Mascots are the source of instant recognition, due to their entertaining designs and color schemes, and characters in them, they are easy to recognize and connect a greater audience with your brand.

Mascot logo:

Mascot logo design comprises an illustrated character, cartoon, or caricature. Which are used to represent a particular brand, organization, or team. Mascot logos are mostly used by brands associated with sports or by professional sports teams. Characters used in mascot logos make them unique and powerful, so they can build team spirit. Mascot logos are chosen wisely because they are there to portray your brand image.

Applications of a business’s mascot:

Mascot logos can be used for various purposes due to their design and character. Few key uses of mascot logos are as follows;

  • Mascots in Logos: 

Most businesses use mascots as their logo because of their distinctive characteristics. They use mascots as their logo to represent their brand in a much easier way. Because mascots are designed to be relatable, which provides your audience a much easier way to understand your brand and communicate. They are the most effective way to make your brand identity stronger.

  • Mascots for costumes:

Once your company opts for a mascot as a logo, it can be used for costumes. Like a sports team have a mascot logo, so their mascot can be customized for a costume, to engage with the audience in-ground and make them praise your team and entertain them. In this way, more people will be attracted to your team or brand.

  • Mascots in marketing:

Mascots can be used for various marketing campaigns. They can be used to represent your brand in attracting more audiences and to build your brand awareness. They can attract your targeted audience easily because they create a memory in the mind of your audience. That can be remembered as a symbol of that brand. They can be used in social media marketing too, they can be included in posts to attract a greater audience.

  • Mascots in animation:

They can be used in video animations for your advertising campaigns. Mascots can be used as characters that can be included in videos. They can be used for videos, gifs, illustrated animations, comic book characters, etc. to promote your brand or products/services.

  • Mascots in events:

Mascots can be customized according to different events. You can customize your mascots for special occasions, such as Christmas or New Year’s. You can take your mascots to different events related to your company. They can represent your brand in a much attractive way.

What should be considered while designing a mascot?

  1. Mascot Type: Before creating a mascot logo design, decide how you want to introduce your company to the target audience, as an object, an animal, or as a fictional or real animated character.
  1. Customization: After selecting the design type, personalize your logo and assign them qualities associated with your brand or company. Customize your logo with color schemes that are relatable to your company and can attract your target market.
  1. Targeted Audience: Design your logo according to your audience. Which makes them share common values, cultural codes, and behavior. If your brand is targeting young people and children then your brand mascot should match their behavior and mood. They are attracted by vibrant colors and are playful, so your mascot should be designed considering their behavior.

Name your brand mascot:

Developing the personality of your mascot can be an important factor for your brand marketing campaigns. Define the special characters of your mascot to distinguish it from other brands. The name of your mascot can help you be identifiable and different from others. It can be a booster for the SEO of your brand because when your mascot name is catchy and unique, people will remember it and will search your brand with that mascot name. To be a real representative of your business, your mascot needs a distinctive character.


Mascot logo designs are the most effective and efficient way to grab viewer attention. Mascots are used to portray your brand’s image entertainingly and engagingly. They present your brand values and image as a brand ambassador. In this regard, your mascot should be creative and unique, and designed according to the behavior of your target audience. It is essential to use your mascot to convey valuable information related to your brand and your goals. Which makes your mascot an effective brand ambassador.

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